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DATE                                                           TIME                                                                   OUTSIDE/INSIDE                                         


     1.     Our crew will arrive 1 to 1.5 hours preceding gate time of the event. (times may vary do to venue)

     2.    Show location must have an accessible area to unload/load and must allow access for vehicles.

     3.    Screen area must be level with a height of 30'.

     4.    Show location must provide a MINIMUM set up area of 40' x 40'.

     5.    Show location must provide a MINIMUM of two (2) separate 20 amp circuits.

     6.    Crew reserves the right to POSTPONE or CANCEL any event due to rain or wind.  (See Weather Policy)

     7.    If show is canceled on location because of weather or safety reasons, (knowing bad weather is forecast)

            PAYMENT IS DUE IN FULL  The rain date cannot be used as a make up date. The rain date can be used as

            a new date at 50% package rate and must be booked that night.  Friday / Saturdays cannot be used as rain

            dates.  PLEASE review "Weather Policy" for full details, initial, and return with this form.

     8.    Event sponsor is responsible for all FEES, PERMITS, INSURANCE and BLU-RAY/DVD license fees

             associated with this event. PLEASE check to see if your venue requires a licensed DVD/BLU-RAY.

     9.    Event sponsor must provide a good quality Blu-ray/DVD* or other source of APPROVED video.

            A Back Up copy of the chosen movie title must also be supplied.


     10.  Event sponsor agrees to allow a minimum of one (1) hour for tear down following completion of event.

     11.    If you are more than 50 miles (portal/portal) from our location 19044 a travel fee will be charged.

     12.   All Screen Package Rates are based on a feature film running time of two (2) hours. A grace period of 15

             mins. is allowed. An additional $100.00 per 1/2 hour will be charged.

     13.   Double Feature are an additional $250.00

     14.   OLC can desplay its LOGO or printed signs.

PAYMENT:    A non-refundable Deposit maybe required with your signed Booking Agreement

                        PAYMENT MADE OUT:      R. G. SEARS

                        (Balance due night of the event)

ACCEPTANCE:      I/WE understand the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement.

                                  OLC is not responsible for any liabilty due to, but not limited to video content,

                                  live video content, or screen set up. Failure to comply with any or all of these

                                  conditions may result in forfeiture of the event.

EVENT SPONSOR:         _______________________________________   DATE:   ___________________

Print/Sign and Mail To:


On Location Cinema

205 Pershing Ave,  Horsham, Pa.  19044

or E-mail to:    onlocationcinema@aol.com