All items can be purchased the night of your event from any Team member

                         We feature items that were choosen for your viewing comfort & ENJOYMENT

                                                                   For the Family we offer our

                                                                      "OLC FAMILY BLANKET"

                                   Red plaid water proof "BLANKET"  Folds up with a carrying handle

                                                                                   $10.00 ea.

                                                          For you to keep your tush off the grass

                                                                            "CUSH UR TUSH"                 

                                                 A soft round cushion that looks like a Movie Reel

                                                                                   $5.00 ea.

          FOR OUR DRIVE-IN FANS we offer the Famous "DRIZZLE GUARD" for your car windshield and 

                                                "DIGITAL FM RADIOS" for listening to the movie.

                        drizzle guard purchased only ---- fm radio maybe rented or purchased